MIOS 1.9 bindings not working on latest stable OH2

Just installed the latest stable OH2 and then the MIOS 1.9 extension. Even after configuring the address of my Vera in the mios.cfg, I still don’t see any MIOS / VERA bindings listed.

Am I missing something?


Probably because it is working well for me.
What do you mean by stable OH2 ? What version did you install exactly ?

Stable probably being relevant term… I though there were two streams you could download from, a daily build and a stable build. Here’s the setup I used:

D/L and install install OH2 on Mac OSX:

Configured the addons.cfg to set “package = standard”

Extensions-> Bindings Added MiOS extension binding through Paper UI

Configured mios.cfg to “house.host=” and restarted openhab

!! Configuration -> Bindings does not list MiOS = Should it? !!

Generated a list of house.items using the MiOS scripts (so it was able to connect to the Vera controller and extract device list.

What do I do next? Do I have to hand edit a sitemap? Does the PaperUI have a way to see/import the Items from the script?

Any help greatly appreciated. @Lolodomo @guessed

Configuration => bindings only display 2.0 bindings or few 1.x bindings that were enhanced to appear here. So that is normal that the MiOS binding does not appear.

one part of me likes that, makes it very clear, on the other hand it means
I now mostly make config files etc and I hardly look at the openhab2 web
pages , aka might stimulate wrong behavior the long run.

@Michael_TX: if you already updated mios.cfg and put your generated items file in directory conf/items, what remains to do is to define a sitemap file.