Mios Binding OH2 - add z-wave sensor

I have the Mios binding working fine in OH2. I’ve added a door sensor to Vera and would like to use it in OH2.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to re-generate the items file from Vera, but is there a way to just manually add the item/parameters? It is an Ecolink Door and Window Sensor. Below is a few lines from my items file, but they appear to be incorrect because I cannot see the values in my sitemap (via the Openhab app).

Items file:

String 		SouthPatioDoor			"Side Patio Door"		<door>		(Deck)						{mios="unit:house,device:215/service/SecuritySensor1/ArmedTripped"}
DateTime 	SouthDoorLastUpdate 		"Side Last Update [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]" <calendar> (Deck)	{mios="unit:house,device:215/service/HaDevice1/LastTrip"}
Number   	SouthBatteryLevel 		"Side Battery Level [%d]" 			(Deck) 						{mios="unit:house,device:215/service/HaDevice1/BatteryLevel"}

[SOLVED] Here’s what I did:

  1. Removed possible CRLFs - tr -d ‘\015’ miosLoad.sh nmiosLoad.sh

  2. Do the same command as above with miosTransform.sh

  3. Update permissions on new files - sudo chmod 777 nmiosLoad.sh

  4. Run load script - ./nmiosLoad.sh

  5. Get xlstproc - sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get install xsltproc

  6. Run transform - ./nmiosTransform.sh house