MIOS/ Omnlinki HAI Bindings- clarification of technique (OH2)

Have both Omnipro HAI binding working with all sensors under things, and MIOS binding working with all devices (and all accessory states) under ITEMS.

What I want to do is pass the status of the alarm sensors to my VERAplus (U17) for the time being.

I know that I must pass the action “thru” to the MIOS device.

I don’t have any alarm sensors/contacts (hardwired things) which I would imagine I need in MIOS that I can then write a rule to passthru the status (and its change) from OpenHAB, thru the MIOS binding, to the Vera.

I would assume I need virtual ‘switches’ or ‘alarm sensors’ created and mapped in VERA to receive the status from MIOS binding from openHab…?

Does anyone know if the motion sensors (I assume) are ON if detected, and OFF if no motion?

Also, is the same for the temperature (ie fire) sensor for the kitchen…

Any help is greatly appreciated!