Mios zwave awning device control

I have a somfy zrtsi device to control my awning. It is connected to my mios zwave network with a vera edge. I can control the awning fine with the Vera interface.

In openhab I am able to send the open and close commands to the awning, but I have not figured out a way to send the “stop” command so that I can interrupt the current action and the awning stays in that posiiton.

Here is what the mios binding tools generated:
/* Device - Awning1 */
Number Awning1Id “ID [%d]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/id”}
String Awning1DeviceStatus “Awning1 Device Status [MAP(miosDeviceStatusUI.map):%s]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/status”}
Number Awning1Configured “Awning1 Configured [%d]” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/HaDevice1/Configured”}
DateTime Awning1LastUpdate “Awning1 Last Update [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/HaDevice1/LastUpdate”}
DateTime Awning1FirstConfigured “Awning1 First Configured [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/HaDevice1/FirstConfigured”}
String Awning1Target “Awning1 Target [%s]” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WindowCovering1/Target”}
Dimmer Awning1LoadLevelTarget “Awning1 Load Level Target [%d %%]” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/Dimming1/LoadLevelTarget”}
Dimmer Awning1LoadLevelStatus “Awning1 Load Level Status [%d %%]” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/Dimming1/LoadLevelStatus”}
Switch Awning1Status “Awning1 Status” (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios=“unit:house,device:248/service/SwitchPower1/Status”}

I have the following in my sitemap:
Switch item=Awning1LoadLevelStatus icon=“none” label=“Awning” mappings=[“0”=“Open”, “1”=“Close”, “2”=“Stop”]

Open and Close work fine, but I have no idea what value to use for Stop. Stop works just fine in the Vera interface, but when I perform a stop in the Vera Interface all I see in the openhab logs is:
2016-06-23 12:05:38 - Awning1DeviceStatus state updated to PENDING
2016-06-23 12:05:38 - Awning1DeviceStatus state updated to SUCCESS

For the discrete Up / Down / Stop controls, it should be this Attribute:

String Awning1Target "Awning1 Target [%s]" (GDevices,GRoom11) {mios="unit:house,device:248/service/urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WindowCovering1/Target,command:MAP(miosShutterCommand.map)"}

The values displayed will be:


Indirectly, this is using transform/miosShutterCommand.map to translate to the openHAB Commands back to UPnP Action calls.

It looks like I’m missing defaults for this type of MiOS Device in both the MiOS Item Generator and behind the scenes in the MiOS Binding itself… the above manual tweaks should handle it though.

I model them on this:

…so I’m glad you posted your Items from the existing generator! It let me see the corresponding UPnP StateVariable name as Target :sunglasses: