Mirroring a pair of lights?

getting a new reinstall setup (guess who forgot to take backups and cooked their SD card?) on a rPi, and cannot for the life of me recall how i synchronized the channel state of a pair of sylvania/osram LEDVANCE A19 RGBW zigbee lights. presently I’ve got them individually controllable, but as they are in the same fixture, i need a way to change both of them at the same time.

specs: rPi 4b 2GB, raspian buster ARM64, zigbee provided by an nortek husbzb-1

Do you ever need them doing different things, or control them from outside of openHAB? Otherwise link both channels to one Item.

no, unfortunatly that doesnt seem to be working, while i can create an item from one channel, i cannot add the other (channel list refuses to populate)

Edit: screenshot for refrence

You’ve already created the Item. Start from that Item and link it to the second channel.

same problem. I can select an item, but not the channel to link.

correction its firefox weirdness. thats just annoying.

Depending on your definition of “the same time” this may or may not be possible.

What @rossko57 has explained is the best (or only) way to do this currently, but will result in the lights changing at slightly different times - maybe only a small delay, but with lighting, it’s unfortunately very noticeable.

The “propper” way to do this is in a zigbee group, but unfortunately as OH doesn’t have a mechanism to manage groups within the binding, this is not implemented. In the longer term I will see if I can come up with some way to add a channel that can somehow send these group commands - all the basic functionality is there, it’s just not hooked up such that users can make use of it.

I will likely take a look at this once 3.2 is released. In the meantime you’ll need to live with the (mostly) short delay.

what they are doing now is fine, the problem was a UI hangup with firefox 94. specifically, the channels list not populating once an item was selected