Mismatch between documentation page and github file

On this page:

there is a typo in the keyfile name which is at one place “openhab.pgp” (where the file is downloaded and moved to /usr/share/keyring) and in the other “openhab.gpg” (where it is referenced in the openhab.list file). When i saw this, i klicked on “Edit this page on github” just to see, that this has been fixed already… why is it that the webpage is not updated?

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You need to select “Latest (3.4.0)” in the top left, then you will see this change.

Ok, i see. But shouldn’t the error be fixed in the “Stable” documentation as well? This is where everybody lands by default when looking for the installation instructions.

This should also be fixed in the stable docs already.
Maybe the website has not been built since the fix was added.

Stable docs are not build on every change like the latest one homepage is.


I have checked the build pipeline again and it was configured a bit strict maybe.
Therefore no build was done at all since the last stable changes.

I have triggered this manually now und reconfigured the build for stable docs a bit, to prevent this behavior in the future.
Stable docs updates should get live faster now.