Missing a DMX Thing


I’m a DMX newcomer using this Controller: Enttec DIN-ODE MK2 with my OH 2.2. installation.
I have defined the followings things:

Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:mybridge [ mode="unicast", address="", universe=0 ] {
 color  rgb    [dmxid="1/3", fadetime=1000, dimtime=10000 ]
 dimmer single [dmxid="4", fadetime=1000, turnonvalue="150", turnoffvalue="0" ]

These are my items:

Color DMXColorItem "DMXColorItem" { channel="dmx:color:mybridge:rgb:color" }
Dimmer DMXDimmerItem "DMXDimmerItem" { channel="dmx:dimmer:mybridge:single:brightness" }

After saving the things configuration file I can see a Thing called “ArtNet Bridge” (dmx:artnet-bridge:mybridge) and a second Thing called “DMX Dimmer” (dmx:dimmer:mybridge:single), but nothing which is representing the ‘color rgb’. No errors in the OH logs.
While the Dimmer is working fine, the Color RGB shows no reaction.

What is wrong?

please dismiss my question above. I just recognized, that I’m using functionality which is available from OH 2.3 on. Sorry for bothering!