Missing alarm/contact switches in paperUI -> Control

Platform information:
Hardware: 64-bit 4 cores/2GB RAM/128GB HDD (This is actually a virtual machine, but these are the specs it’s been dealt)
OS: Debian Stretch (9.5)
Java Runtime Environment: Zulu
openHAB version: 2.3.0

After adding a new Z-wave node (maybe unrelated) I noticed that I am missing switches in paperUI under Control. The missing switches are only “alarm” (contact?) items, like low battery or triggered detectors and such. No control switches (for turning on/off lights etc.) are missing. The missing switches are for all Z-wave and some 433 things but nothing else. It would seem (but may be unrelated) that the problem only exists for some of the locations under Control. I.e. for “Living room” I’m missing all these alarm/contact switches, but for “Garage” I am not missing any, but also I have no Z-wave devices there yet.

I haven’t started using config files for things or items yet. In persistence and rules I simply refer to what the things/items are named through paper UI.

Do these Channels have Items linked to them? The Control tab only shows Items linked to a Channel.

Yes they had channels and the “headline” was there, i.e. “Motion Alarm” but not switch symbol. For other reasons I reverted the virtual machine running openHAB to an earlier snapshot and now the problem is gone for the moment at least.
I guess I’ll mark this as solved. Sorry for the trouble :confused:

Reopening this. It happened again. I fiddled with three things today before noticing that it had happened again.

  1. I activated this rule:
rule "Uterumsbelysning ON"
 Item zwave_device_8fd25296_node4_sensor_door changed from CLOSED to OPEN
 sendPushoverMessage(pushoverBuilder("Uterummsdörr: ÖPPEN"))
 if( zwave_device_8fd25296_node5_sensor_luminance.state < 300){

rule "Uterumsbelysning OFF"
 Item zwave_device_8fd25296_node4_sensor_door changed from OPEN to CLOSED
 sendPushoverMessage(pushoverBuilder("Uterumsdörr: STÄNGD"))

While debugging I restarted the openHAB service and in the log it says “NODE 4: Is currently marked as failed by the controller!” Even though node 4 (my door sensor, “Sensor uterumsdörr” in the screenshot below) works just fine and reports opening/closing events.

  1. I activated persistence. This is my persist config:
Strategies {
    everyMinute : "0 * * * * ?"
    everyHour   : "0 0 * * * ?"
    everyDay    : "0 0 0 * * ?"

    default = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup

Items {
 ZWaveNode11FGSD002SmokeDetector_TemperatureSensor : strategy = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup
 ZWaveNode11FGSD002SmokeDetector_BatteryLevel : strategy = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup
 zwave_device_8fd25296_node4_sensor_door : strategy = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup
 zwave_device_8fd25296_node4_battery_level  : strategy = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup
 rfxcom_temperaturehumidity_01386f1c_temperature : strategy = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup 
 rfxcom_temperaturehumidity_01386f1c_humidity  : strategy = everyChange, everyHour, restoreOnStartup
  1. I activated the Zoneminder binding and added a monitor. This is the one that I suspect because i THINK that my switches were there before, but I’m not 100% sure, that’s why I let you know about the other things as well. I did remove the monitor and server things and uninstalled the binding but it did not resolve the problem.

Here’s a screenshot as well. Notice the missing alarm indicators.

I don’t really have any ideas or recommendations to offer. All I can say is from what I understand they should appear in the Control Tab.

Perhaps now is the time to start exploring BasicUI, ClassicUI or HABPanel. The Control tab is only intended to be used for debug and testing purposes. It is not intended to be the way that you actually control your home automation nor is it intended to be the interface that you give to users of your home automation (family, firends, guests). That is what these other UIs are intended to be.