Missing alarm_raw in ASSA Abloy YRL216 in Z-Wave binding

  • Platform
    • Hardware: [PC]
    • Operating System: [Windows 11]
    • OpenHAB Version: [3.2]
    • Originating Issue: [Z-Wave Binding 3.3.0.Snapshot .]
  • Issue
    • Expected Behavior: [Binder should include Alarm_General and Alarm_raw
      COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM_V0 in Binder for YRL216 ASSA ABLOY lock]
    • Actual Behavior: [Missing endpoints of Alarm_General and Alarm_Raw]
    • Steps: (Steps to reproduce the issue)
      1. [reviewed data base endpoints at OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database for the ASSA ABLOY YRL216 Yale Smart Door Lock YRL216 with Z-Wave Module.

OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database does include the Alarm_General and Alarm_raw endpoints.


  • What I have done so far
    • [Tried to find different ways to add the end points to existing binding or change lock name to be YRL220 as it does includes the endpoints and is just different hardware. My skill level is not at the level of recreating a binding]

The short answer is to register (if not done already) and open a ticket to get write access and make the changes. Mark the device for review and in a couple of days it will be in the latest zwave snapshot here.

I’m not sure what Alarm_raw is going to do (or what it does on the other lock) since it is not one of the supported types, (by my read- but I’m not an expert on this)



I found where the Alarm_raw was handled, so it should work like the other device once you update the database.

Sorry for any confusion on that.

Is your lock included securely? If it wasn’t included securely you might get strange behavior. If it is not included securely, you would need to exclude, factory reset the lock, and re-include. And you have to have your Zwave stick in the controller when you do this - if you have a portable Zwave stick, it won’t include securely if it is not in the controller. Ignore all this if it has been securely included. This is just a guess.