Missing channel ikea tradfri rgb light

As the title says, I think that the rgb light from ikea tradfri is missing some channel because I cant find a way to turn it off. When I added it in PaperUI the only channels that I see is Color Temperature and Color. I thought that there shoukld be a brightness channel to. I can see that in the control panel in PaperUI but not when I look at the channels under that thing.
Am I missing something here? Or how do I turn it off?

If i’m not mistaking Tradfri operates similar channels to Hue. If that is the case you should use the Color channel to create 3 items:

Switch - to turn it on and off
Dimmer - to control brightnes
Color - to select colors

Here’s one of my Hue items as an example:

Switch HueGU10Livingroom9Switch 	"Eettafel spot 5 Switch"			(gHueAllSwitch, gLivingroomSalonSwitch, gLightsAll_Sw, gLightsAll, gLightsAutoHomeOn_Sw, gLightsAutoHomeOn_Sw)	{channel="hue:0210:0017887ddc49:10:color"}
Dimmer HueGU10Livingroom9Dimmer 	"Eettafel spot 5 Dimmer [%.0f %%]"	(gLivingroomSalonDimmer)																						{channel="hue:0210:0017887ddc49:10:color"}
Color HueGU10Livingroom9Color		"Eettafel spot 5 Kleur"																																{channel="hue:0210:0017887ddc49:10:color"}
Dimmer HueGU10Livingroom9Colortemp	"Eettafel spot 5 kleur Temp"																														{channel="hue:0210:0017887ddc49:10:color_temperature"}
String HueGU10Livingroom9Alert		"Eettafel spot 5 Alert"				(gHueAllAlert, gLivingroomSalonAlert)																			{channel="hue:0210:0017887ddc49:10:alert"}
Switch HueGU10Livingroom9Effect		"Eettafel spot 5 Effect"			(gLivingRoomSalonEffect)																						{channel="hue:0210:0017887ddc49:10:effect"}

As you can see… the first 3 items are all connected to the color channel

Thankas for the reply. It works as you thought.
Just love this community, it never takes long to get an answer to your questions in here.