Missing Items- Habmin and MiOS

I used the MiOS item generator to create an item file. Most of the items are fine but I’ve found a few that are missing when I open up Habmin. I double checked the item file and they are certainly in there.

One is an Aeon Labs smart energy switch. I have another one that shows up so I don’t think it’s a problem with the item. The other is a virtual switch that was created with a Vera plugin.

Is there a way I could have possibly hidden them? Don’t remember doing anything like that. Just not sure why they aren’t showing up in the item list in Habmin.

You’ll need to post an items files trimmed of all the working stuff so that only the non working Item definitions remain.

I’ll try to grab it tomorrow. I wasn’t able to get it today before work.

It doesn’t show up in Habmin but it does show up in classic UI (I put it in the sitemap file manually). I’m not sure it actually works though.

These are the two items that I’ve found that are not showing up in Habmin:

/* Device - Nathan Fan */
Number NathanFanId “ID [%d]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/id”}
String NathanFanDeviceStatus “Nathan Fan Device Status [MAP(miosDeviceStatusUI.map):%s]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/status”}
String NathanFanDocumentation4 “Nathan Fan Documentation [%s]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/HaDevice1/Documentation”}
Number NathanFanConfigured “Nathan Fan Configured [%d]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/HaDevice1/Configured”}
String NathanFanModeSetting “Nathan Fan Mode Setting [%s]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/HaDevice1/ModeSetting”}
DateTime NathanFanLastUpdate “Nathan Fan Last Update [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/HaDevice1/LastUpdate”}
DateTime NathanFanFirstConfigured “Nathan Fan First Configured [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/HaDevice1/FirstConfigured”}
Number NathanFanTarget “Nathan Fan Target [%d]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/SwitchPower1/Target”}
Switch NathanFanStatus “Nathan Fan Status” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/SwitchPower1/Status”}
Number NathanFanKWH “Nathan Fan kWh [%.1f kWh]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/EnergyMetering1/KWH”}
DateTime NathanFanKWHReading “Nathan Fan kWh Reading [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/EnergyMetering1/KWHReading”}
Number NathanFanWatts “Nathan Fan Watts [%.1f W]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/EnergyMetering1/Watts”}
String NathanFanLog “Nathan Fan Log [%s]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/EnergyMetering1/Log”}
String NathanFanActualUsage “Nathan Fan Actual Usage [%s]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/EnergyMetering1/ActualUsage”}
DateTime NathanFanLastPollSuccess “Nathan Fan Last Poll Success [%1$ta, %1$tm/%1$te %1$tR]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/ZWaveNetwork1/LastPollSuccess”}
Number NathanFanConsecutivePollFails “Nathan Fan Consecutive Poll Fails [%d]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/ZWaveNetwork1/ConsecutivePollFails”}
Number NathanFanCurrentLevel “Nathan Fan Current Level [%.4f]” (GDevices,GRoom10) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:158/service/GenericSensor1/CurrentLevel”}

/* Device - Fan Overide */
Number FanOverideId “ID [%d]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:159/id”}
String FanOverideDeviceStatus “Fan Overide Device Status [MAP(miosDeviceStatusUI.map):%s]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:159/status”}
String FanOverideStatus3 “Fan Overide Status [%s]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:159/service/VSwitch1/Status”}
Switch FanOverideStatus “Fan Overide Status” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:159/service/SwitchPower1/Status”}
String FanOverideText1 “Fan Overide Text 1 [%s]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:159/service/VSwitch1/Text1”}
String FanOverideText2 “Fan Overide Text 2 [%s]” (GDevices) {mios=“unit:Keeneland,device:159/service/VSwitch1/Text2”}