Missing SNMP 2.x binding

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am I the only one, who is missing the SNMP 2.x binding? The docs say “This 1.x binding is obsolete”, but I cannot install any SNMP 2 binding within PaperUI. I just find binding-snmp1 - 1.13.0.M8

Any support is appreciated.

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What OpenHAB version are you running?

My suspicion is the 2.x binding is in 2.5M2 which just got released a short while ago. That is in the unstable branch though. It may be possible to manually install the new binding on an older OH version but I have not tried that.

I am missing the mail action too.
I manually installed a fresh openhab 2.5.0. M2 on Windows with my proven addons config file with action = mail, but no mail action appears. It is also not available in Paper UI. Snapshot 1596 does not have this problem.

PLEASE look at items 9 & 10.

The thread is regarding SNMP not SMTP.

Mail action should now be a part of the “mail binding”, see

I need the reading assistance.
I saw the user icons were the same color and missed the different name. I somehow thought your comment was directed at me.

Again, my apologies.

Sorry guys,
You are right. My post was off-topic.

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