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I’m playing around with openHAB some weeks now and really like it.
So it was possible to me to build a garden irrigation system very fast.
Maybe my background as programmer was helpful here. :innocent:

I’m programming Windows, Linux and Android software of system level at all since 35 years yet. Tools, drivers, libraries, applications … 35 years are a lot of time.
My basic languages are C/C++, .net/C#, PL/SQL, JAVA. In this order.
And the things byside, every programmer has to know.
It’s my job, I earn my money with it inside a large German company.
As one can imagine, it interests me to go deeper into openHAB software system.
By the way: in around half a year I’ll enter retirement and will have lots of time then, hopefully.

Actual I could not find any deeper going technical documents, interface descriptions, architecture overviews, class references etc. of openHAB system.
All this stuff, a programmer needs to be able to write modules for an unknown given system.

Did I only oversee it? If yes, some links are very welcome.
If such documents exist as internal drafts only, maybe I could participate of it?
It doesn’t need to be ready for publishing. I’m focused to the information.
If nothing exist, a hint about this would be helpful also. Then I could stop searching around and focuse to reverse engineering of existing code, what is a hard job normally.

Thanks in advantage

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Something like that?


Thanks. The right direction.
Well, the Developer Guide I already know. It’s just an overview.
The second link is new for me. Very good. That’s the reference.

Is there something between both?

Thank you! I’ve been looking for this link since the Eclipse project was archived.

There is none I know. I know that an javadoc with umlet would help a bit in getting first touch.
Personally I have all projects checked out and use search and references in order to determine component responsibilities.
Its not perfect but works. Since evolution of project is non linear some things are distributed over few places.
Design is documented in very few cases.

Shit :confused: :confused: , but it’s what I almost expected.

off topic: I feel a bit remembered to my apprentice. If they wrote some code, at the end they had to write a ‘how to use’ for people who use the program and a ‘programmers guide’ with short overview of architecture, objects and interface description. All hate that and all tried to come around it by ‘I didn’t find time to do’ and/or ‘oh, sorry, I forgot’ and/or ‘later, at the moment I’m totally busy with other important stuff’ :wink:

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