Missing z-wave device configuration parameter


I have a Philio PAN06 in wall dual relay which is working well using the z-wave binding. According to its user manual it has an “Auto off timer” which can be set in seconds. Unfortunately this timer is not reflected by the device configuration parameters in the database. There seems to be another deleted device in the database which had this parameter. Do you have any hints how I could get this timer working? Is there a possibility to add those parameters?

Thank you!

If you setup an account on Chris’ website, you can modify it. You could also upload your manual too… I do not see a reference to a timer in the one that was uploaded to the device’s page.

As far as I can see, there are 3 versions of the device: original (the one in the database), A-Version (deleted in the database) and B-Version. I got the A-Version. So should I try to add it as a new device to the database or should I try to “reactivate” the deleted device? There is an error "thingid is duplicated with another device with overlapping versions.", so I’m not sure how to handle this kind of versioning…