Mistake in doc for setting up OpenHAB as Windows Service

There is a mistake in the openHAB-wrapper.conf template on Windows | openHAB that caused a multiple hours debugging session, so please correct this:
In the line


is an equation mark missing before ‘-Dopenhab.userdata’, so correct is:


The result of the issue is, that logs are written to the root folder and openHAB Cloud service cannot be connected to because the keystore cannot be found - this is all connected to the ‘openhab.userdata’ property.


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You need to open an issue on GitHub for the developers to fix. Not all developers are on it his user forum.

You might want to remove the word Mean from the title. In come cultures it can be interpreted that somebody made the mistake to hurt others.

Thanks for giving feedback

Just for Reference you would hve been able to do it yourself directly:

I have fixed this one directly since it is for sure a pretty annoying mistake.

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Thanks for the hint! Will do that in case of detecting further issues.