Mitsubishi heavy SKR airconditioning control / external temp. sensor

I am looking into purchasing AC. Planning to have the indoor unit in a centralized space. Preference is a MHI SRK series. This one has an internal SPI bus, which can ne hooked up to a WIFI module.

The only thing which bothers me, is the temperature sensor. The indoor unit has a built in temperature sensor, I actually want the AC control be based on the temperature in another location.

As far as I the WIFI implementations of the Mitsubishi AC does not implement external temperature sensor functionality. You can change the temperature setpoint and readout the actual temperature from the sensor.

On of the ideas I have is to change the setpoint based on an external temparature sensor.
Most likely if the difference between setpoint and internal sensor becomes larger, the AC will increase its power. And if the setpoint < “internal sensor temperature” - hysteresis the AC will probably switch off.

Anyone tried an approach like this, or has an other suggestion ?

That’s not a good idea really, A your going to void your warranty, B that compressor is gonna fail pretty quick if the unit potentially runs continuously (especially on a budget brand).

How far away is this location?
Is the unit sized accordingly to heat/cool this location also?

The sensor is located just in front of the indoor coil, you could potentially cut / extend and reconnect if you can get a cable there, going to need to check the resistance of said cable though if it’s a long run.

Failing that, I’m pretty sure MHI (will have to check and might need a small add on board) can do a wired control on them and then you can use the remotes built in sensor (just a setting change)

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