Mix Up devices of multiple vendors using zigbee


I started adding some Phillips hue lights to my smarthome.

They are working fine with Phillips Hue remote switched. But what if I want to add another vendors lights to my setup? With openhab no issue, because I just add the gateway and it is working fine. But how about the remotes? Can I use Phillips remote to toggle xioami yeelight or Ikea tradfri products?

Or can I use switches that fit better in my home? Busch & Jäger created some zigbee switches, can I use them?

This is e bit confusing for me, because it’s the same protocol, but it seems every vendor does his own thing, though.

Thanks in advance.

For whatever “master control” you choose, so long as openHAB can read enough data (such as what you want to do, and which thing you want to do that to) you’ll be able to construct rules to make it happen.

I would think about what happens if openHAB breaks, even if it’s just keeping old remotes in a drawer.

The thing with zigbee is that it’s not as standardized as zwave so manufacturers take liberties and not everything is compatible.
You will not be able to control all zigbee devices mentioned above with the hue gateway.