Mixed Hue bulbs not turning on correctly

I’ve got my OpenHAB system up and running (v3.2.0) and my Hue bridge added and all the items thanks to the great documentation. I started building a very basic sitemap. No problem. So I have a group of lights and I set a switch. Like so:

	Frame {
		Group item=FrontRoom icon=sofa
		Switch      item=       FrontRoom    label="Frontroom brightness"    mappings=[0="Off", 15="Night", 100="On"]

This works perfect for turning the group on and off. But two of my bulbs are color bulbs. And weirdly when I click “On” those two bulbs turn on with really bizarre colors. Is there a way to pass in the color in the mappings? I also read some stuff about using rules, but I guess I don’t understand how those work. All the examples reference channels and other stuff that I don’t get. ha. I’m reading as much as I can but just have a couple of these speedbumps.

I appreciate all the help.

Have a look how your group looks like:
Within the group it only makes sense to group items with the same type, e.g. only items for brightness. You would need a second group for color setting.
If you combine brightness and color items within the same group, you get strange behavior.

If this is not helping, please post your group and item definition and the log, that we can see what is actually happening…

Aw, thank you that is good advice. I’m going to go back and change the group up a little bit. One thing I noticed is that the color bulbs doesn’t seem to have a “brightness” option. Is appears to be part of the color.

Since I created my model, and hence the group, through the web UI, how do I list the contents programmatically? I’m looking at the Runtime Commands but I don’t see anything about the model.

Normally your hue light thing should have separated channels for color and brightness and you can link items to the channel.

Not sure what you want to know about “list the content programmatically”? There are several examples in the forum, e.g. If you want to look through all group members

Not sure what you want to know about “list the content programmatically”? There are several examples in the forum, e.g. If you want to look through all group members

I’m not sure what you mean. You asked me to list my groups. Is just screen capturing it out of the browser ok for here? I was looking for a command on the command line that would list it. I looked in /etc/openhab but there isn’t anything there other than the sitemap I created. So I don’t know where the app itself stores that info to reproduce it here.

I looked more closely at the thing representing one of my color bulbs and there definitely is not a brightness channel as seen here:

In regards to the groups:

If items are defined via UI, than it’s the best to take a screenshot of the UI if not offering to export code (e.g. as with rules or pages).
If items are defined via text files, post the text file.

In regards to hue lights and brightness:
I had a look again at the documentation and there is one type of light that is not working brightness. Therefore your channels look ok

So here is what my setup looks like. As you can see only two of the bulbs support brightness. I’ve been pouring over posts here and I still don’t get how this works.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 16.19.27

You need to create additional non-sematic groups where you can group items representing the same type: e.g. one group for all brightness items, one group for all color items, etc

Add these new groups to your sitemap

Thank you I think I finally understand. I did go in and add subgroups like that. Two “brightness” controls and two “color” controls and now it works perfectly. I then broke the Color Temperature out into it’s own group. So I get it now. Thanks for you help!