Mixing components possible (Homematic & MiLight)?


I’m trying to dig into openhab universe and wondering whether it is possible to
mix different components/vendors to get the best out of openhab.

I’m planning, in my specific case, to use Homematics light switches (via CCU) to control MiLight bulbs?
Can I use item bindings and rules in combination, e.g.
rule when Item homematic_switch changed from OFF to ON then sendCommand(milight_bulb, new HSBType(new DecimalType(0),new PercentType(0),new PercentType(100))) end
to achieve this? Or is there a smarter way to do so?

I am asking because I would like to have a physical light switch to turn MiLights on and off and not to depend on mobile or virtual devices.

Cheers mischu

Absolutely. That’s pretty much what openHAB is for. Getting different technologies from different vendors working together.

In fact, the concept of openHAB is to impart between ‘incompatible’ equipment. So it’s definitely possible to mix different components, even more it’s possible (even though not in this special case) to do this without any rules, only with combining two bindings in one item, e.g.
DateTime Date "Date: [%1$td. %1$tB %1$tY %1$tT]" {ntp="Europe/Berlin:de_DE",knx="10.001:1/2/3"} to bring up time or date to knx-Bus.
In case of MiLight you surely want to have reproducible Light and MiLight would save the last state, if I’m not wrong, so a rule is the save way.

EDIT: Oh, to slow… :wink: // and even later changed the incorrect Code :wink:

Thanks for the quick replies guys!
I’m looking forward to implement this :smile: