Mixing z-wave and Honeywell Evohome

Has anyone had any experience running both evohome and z-wave meshes together, and if so did the fact that z-wave runs at 868.4Mhz and evohome at 868Mhz mean tat they interfered with each other at all? Or do both systems only transmit when they need to, allowing each to coexist with the other?

Hi Daniel,
I don’t have experience with both services running, only Z-Wave itself. But they should be able to co-exist as long as the vendors of the hardware adhere to the stipulations for using this “free” frequency band.

I’m guessing they probably do, as z-wave want to make themselves a universal standard, and honeywell don’t seem to be the type of company to break the rules.

Where can I read more about those stipulations, or what is the term I should google (i.e. what is that band called).

Nevermind, found it.

For those finding this answer later, it seems that to use this band in Europe (yes, including UK), you can’t use it more than 1% of the time. Hence, you can run multiple meshes on the same frequency (presumably there is some kind of retry mechanism under the hood)

See: Short-range device - Wikipedia

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