Mixture of dynamic icons and items

I try to make my weather binding a little more attractive.

Within my sitemap I have to rows:
Text item=Condition_IDy label=“Min/Max heute [%s]” icon=“wetter"
Text item=Temp_Min_Max label=”.[%s]"

‘Temp_Min_Max’ is a variable which I create via a rule. It looks like:’ 6.1 °C / leichter Regen /min/max: 5.0/7.8°C’
‘Condition_IDy’ is the Yahoo weather icon ID. Within my icons I have the wetter-1, wetter-2, …

Now I want to get both sitemap rows in one row.
The result shall be:

‘right weather icon’ and ‘6.1 °C / leichter Regen / min/max: 5.0/7.8 °C’ --> both in one row

Do anyone know how to solve it?

I don’t think there is a practical solution, because the dynamic icon is created by wetter- and the string version of the item’s state and .png. Since there is so much dynamic in the state of the item, you would need infinite variations of the file name present in your images folder. You could bend over backwards and write a rule that kept creating symbolic links for each variation as the state changed, but that hardly seems worth it.

Thanks for the information. Maybe I will find another solution.