Mobile Alerts Weather Sensors

Hello from Austria!

Would be great when somebody could help me in an easy way.
I have some sensors from Mobile Alerts in use. I tried so much but dont get them included to OH3.
Some years ago i had OH2 for some tests and Mobile Alerts was with regex included. Now no chance.

I use OH3 mainly for weather. I have Netatmo and it works great (and easy to install in OH3!).

My knowledge about programming is near 0. Install a binding - search for a thing like in Netatmo is easy.
Anyone able to help me with an solution step by step?

Thank you guys!

I have mobile sensors in openHAB and charted in Grafana.

I posted many times in this thread

It is long and starts with OH2 but at the end I post the changes I made for OH3.

Works great. I have a full weather station and many other sensors. The water leak sensor really paid off.

I am also in Austria… near Villach.

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