Mobile app does not work with cloud service - some obvious setup problem

Upon reminders that we should move to the new cloud service, I just did so. It seem working fine over the http, but I can’t get mobile app connected, it just says “unauthorised (401)”. Locally app works fine. I was not using mobile with previous my.openhab service.

In I noticed there is My Devices page. I’m guessing it is meant to register devices allowed to communicate with my openhab instance?

It must be something obvious, but I’m googling around for 1/2 hour now and I have no clue, no pointer to instructions or similar situation. Please help.

If this sounds more like a bug than a beginners ignorance, let me know, I’ll provide more info on my setup.

As soon as your device connects to the cloud remotely (turn wifi off and use mobile data) it will show up there.


Mobile Apps

If you want to use myopenHAB through your native Android, iOS or Pebble apps, please enter “” as a remote url and your myopenHAB account username and password as credentials.

Thank you for your answer!

The obvious things you are mentioning I did before writing here in the forum :slight_smile: Thanks for the reality check!

So, the problem here is: device does NOT show up in My Devices and mobile app on it is unusable remotely. How do I troubleshoot further?

The device will only show up, once it successfully logged in.

Could you please post a screenshot of your mobile app settings.

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I feel a bit ashamed now: it was wrong password problem…

Lesson here: user does not guess “wrong password” from “authentification failure (401)” :slight_smile: If mobile app developers are reading this, maybe it is easy enough to add more explicit message?

Glad it is working now :slight_smile: