Mobile apps and IPv6

I have just set up so that my OH web is reachable via IPv6 and suddenly the mobile apps stopped working, both Android and iOS. It seems like it completely fails to reach the server. Opening the web browser on the same device and going to the same URL works fine. Anyone knows if there are any known problems involving mobile apps and IPv6?

I haven’t seen any open issues about IPv6. However I haven’t tested IPv6 so far.

After some more testing it seems it has nothing with IPv6 to do at all. At the same time I also changed so the traffic to openhab goes through an Apache proxy on another host. Before I used an Apache proxy on the same host, thought it shouldn’t matter which server I used. I’m gonna dig a bit further into this…

Ok, this is weird. What it does is it simply fetches the sitemap again and again, about ten times per second in a neverending loop. I guess the app isn’t happy with whatever it gets. Why could that be?

The call looks like this:

GET /rest/sitemaps/kolefors/kolefors HTTP/2.0|X-Atmosphere-Framework:1.0|X-Atmosphere-Tracking-Id:0|Accept-Encoding:gzip|User-Agent:okhttp/3.9.1|Host:<my_host_obscured>

When I get the exact same URL from my browser I get the sitemap json just fine.

Sorry for the late response. This sounds like Apache isn’t rewriting the urls in the rest api responses. Can you look at and check that your apache correctly sets the proxy headers?

Hmmm… I have to admit that I don’t remember even having this problem. I had other problems with IPv6 so I finally gave it up and went back to IPv4 only, where everything works fine. I’ll remember checking back on this thread if I get problems again next time I try IPv6 on :wink: