Mobilus Shutter Binding request

Hi all,

i want to start with my whole openhab System an need a binding for my shutters.

is there a possibillity to create a binding for the mobilus System?
i have here motors, an remotes incl. the Internet gateway.

This System works on 868mhz with FSK.

Can help me someone to create a binding?
i can provide the singals for the analysis.

Is a record with wireshare necessary and usefull? Or there are other Programms for analytics?

Here are some information about the mobilus system.



Thank you very much


it must be possible to send some commands to this Gateway. I can see that it works also with java. But i have no experience with Java.
Can me help someone?
I have some Information from my Firefox debugger. I attached this information.

Thank you very much

app-7b90.xml (314.7 KB)
vendor-e2.xml (634.1 KB)
vendor-e1.xml (890.5 KB)

@blauwicht any success with those mobilus devices? I’m thinking about using C-MR modules but I can’t find anything about communication protocol.

Any information are more than welcome!

Sorry. At the Moment i havent new Info.
How i can Help?

Do You have a Idee?

Hi Gents,
As news on this topic?

I had same topic - Mobilus MR 35, and I would like to make it work with openhab2.
After some research it looks like there is no good solution.

C-MR module can work but still something has to bind it to OH2.

Some idea is to… replace it wiht Mobilus M35, attach Fibaro FGR-222, and have right from the start all the best steering of rollers. But that very expensive idea…

Another one is to use regular remote and steer it from arduino by emulating switches clicks… Sounds awfull. Most probably the cheapest one.

So I am curious if you’ve got any idea on that topic.