Modbus 2 binding trigger and transformation option how to migrate?

I am migrating my modbus v1 binding to a v2 binding and so far (after reading, trial and error I have good progres).

However I don’t see how I migrate the TRIGGER and TRANSFORMATION option of v1.

My old v1 item definition was as follows

Contact ContactRaamKeuken “Raam keuken [%s]” (gRaamBeneden) {modbus="<[wp8026:1:trigger=OPEN, transformation=CLOSED], <[wp8026:1:trigger=CLOSED, transformation=OPEN]"}

What this did was making the item have an OPEN state when the binding provided closed and vice versa.

My new item config is as follows

Contact ContactRaamKeuken “Raam keuken [%s]” (gRaamBeneden) { channel=“modbus:data:wp8026:wp8026inputs:wp8026input1:contact” }

which shows the window being open when it’s closed and closed when it’s open.

Any idea how I can add the TRIGGER/TRANSFORM combination to the new binding ?


Apply a readTransform() to your data thing.
I think a simple MAP would be most efficient here.