Modbus again

In Openhab2 with the Modbus binding 1.9 I try to read some values from my SPS. I’m unable to see changes depending on the modbus in Openhab-Basic UI.
I tested with pollmb that the parameters for the modbus are right and I get changes on the modbus result.

In modbus.cfg I defined:

In my items definition:
Contact Fenster_Arbeitszimmer “Fenster” (Fenster,Arbeitszimmer) {modbus:“windows:1”}

Any hints?


Update: found via Karaf:
[WARN ] [nternal.ModbusGenericBindingProvider] - bindingConfig is NULL (item=Rauchmelder_Arbeitszimmer (Type=ContactItem, State=Uninitialized)) -> processing bindingConfig aborted!

Your items definition is wrong.

Please look at my last thread there are many examples in it.