Modbus and Kaco Bluemotion solar

I’m struggling to get basic values from the system like actual power generated. Does anyone made a modbus connection with a Kaco system and if yes can you share the things file or are there other ways to interface with Kaco?

Have you set up like this list:

At the end it was very simple and much easier than with my old SMA system.
I only needed to create the bridge in the .things file

Bridge modbus:tcp:blueplanet "Kaco 7.5 TL3 2MPP" [ host="", port=502, id=3, enableDiscovery=true ] 

Everything else was found automatically.
I’m only missing the total energy for the current day but I can calculate that.

Mhhm, I tried it with a Kaco 10 nx3 open hub says bridge is online but there are no channels discovered. Did you configure something in kaco itself or additional in open hab ?

No nothing else.

I believe I had to enable modbus on the Kaco