Modbus configuration by .things file

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: not relevant
    • OS: ubuntu
    • Java Runtime Environment: not relevant
    • openHAB version: OH3.4
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I tried to follow this tutorial (unfortunately, its closed due to missing reply).

I do not know what is meant by “Then copy the following script into your Modbus.things file and adjust your name and IP address.”
but I created a file Modbus.things within the things folder and pasted the content. I adapted IP adress. Unfortunately, it created a lot of things:

One thing would have been sufficient. What have I done wrong and how should I have done it?

I think its not nice to have so many things. It would be better to have one thing and all that stuff as channels. How do I achieve this?

yes, create only one “MODBUS Slave” per device you want to communicate with. And then per group of continuous address one “Regular Poll”. Then the easiest is to define one “Modbus Data” per item to read.