Modbus - data from other pi

Is there possibility to get data from modbus device connected not directly to openhab device but for example to different rpi? I have energy meter that cant be connected directly to the oh server. I would like to use second rpi to send data by ethernet

One approach would be -
“Make your own Modbus gateway”
You would need a rpi script that talks serial Modbus to your meter, as a Master. And talks Modbus-TCP over ethernet, as a Slave, which can be polled by openHAB.

Ready made gateways are relatively cheap if you do not have the skills.

Alternative, a Gateway of any other flavour you like. A script of yours talks Modbus to the meter and transmits the data using your choice of protocol - MQTT perhaps.

The over-engineered version of that is to install a complete openHAB service on the rpi to read the meter, and use the Remote binding tolink to your main openHAB instance.

I can confirm that the “over engineered solution” works very well for me in a similar setup. On a Pi3 the overhead is not an issue. A Pi0 won’t work in my experience.

Same topic

Thanks for ideas! I will try with remote binding.