Modbus Poll - Bridge not visible

Synology DS124 with Docker

  • Hardware: 1.7 GHz Realtek RTD1619B SoC / 1GB SDRAM / SSD 1TB
  • OS: Linux/5.10.55+ (aarch64)
  • Java Runtime Environment: 17.0.7 (undefined)
  • openHAB version: openHAB 4.0.4

I want to create a Modbus Poll for my Pellet Heating. The configuration is made with the graphical interface on port 8080.

Chapter 5: The Javascript Transfomation is not installed because I don’t find this entry.

Chapter 6: The Modbus-Bridge is created successful and the status for the bridge is “Online”

Chapter 7: I want to select the Modbus-Bridge (under “Parent Bridge”) - but there ist no item to select.

  • Is this a bug in the new relase ?

  • Is it possible to set the bridge in the “code” section window ?
    This is the actual generated code

UID: modbus:poller:4f289472c0
label: Oekofen Puffertemperatur Poll
thingTypeUID: modbus:poller
start: 88
length: 2
refresh: 500
maxTries: 3
cacheMillis: 50
type: holding

If it is possible, which is the correct entry for the Bridge ?

There is no JavaScript transformation just JavaScript

No bug. The tutorial gives you all the information needed even with pictures. The bridge should have the IP address of the device port etc.
I suggest you follow it slowly.

Thanks for your answer !

Now, I have used a different Browser for the configuration. With the Microsoft Edge Browser I can see the “Parent Bridge”, with Firefox the “Parent Bridge” is not visible.
I use Firefox 119.0 (64-Bit).

Any idea what’s wrong with the browser ?

Firefox is known around here for caching … But I am not an expert.

Thanks - now all works correct.