Modbus-RTU Function Code

Hello , I use openhab bind with Modbus - RTU .
I have to use the 03 and 16 function to work , but now I see that there is no function 16 , you have a solution ?
bye thank you

Do you mean that your modbus device only supports function code 16 for writing registers and does NOT support function code 06?

This is what I told the technical support

Do not use Modbus at all. It’s not working. No support also.

It works flawlessly with a single Modbus slave. The issues with multiple slaves are being worked on atm.

@omar1971 You can try out undocumented configuration setting modbus:writemultipleregisters=true in openhab.cfg. It is top-level configuration property, similar to poll.

Hi @Igeorgiev

I understand your frustration, we all feel it. Have you tried out the new version linked here? I would really appreciate if you can try it out and get your feedback.

Or are there any other critical issues (than the issues with multiple slaves) that we should be aware of?