Modbus TCP eByte NA111-A / SDM72dM-v2


i want to read the SDM72 via the Ebyte Server with the binding. But i’m not able to configure and connect the server with the SDM72. If the RS485 Connection is established, an small icon will appear on the display. But i does not work.

I set the Baud at 9600 and the id to 001. The server has the following settings

Then i have created a bridge:

And a thing:

But i does not get data from the SDM72. I Connected A with A/ B with B and G with G… Before i switch to the eByte server i used the SDM directly with my Wallbe Wallbox. But they cannot read the decimal places, this is the reason why i’m buy the modbus tcp server.

Do you have any idea what is going wrong?

Did you figure it out?

I’m trying to use a NA111 for setting up a modbus connection as well.
I get connected, therefore de M0 light turns on.

But no matter what software I use, Timeout error appear or just no data.
In exact the same configuration but with a USB-RS485 tool it is working. So it seems the NA111 is the problem. But I cannot find out what settings I have to change.

Your “Modbus TCP Slave” Bridge seems to be configured ok.
Your “Three Phase Inverter” is the problem.

What you need for your Bridge is a Modbus Poller which polls the registers. Should look similar to this:

As a poller can read several registers at once you need a “data thing” for every register the poller reads. Should look similar to this:

Hi Mouse, did you figure it out? I run into the same problem with NA111 - it connects, but I cannot read through TCP as it keeps timing out.