Modbus with Gossen energysens devices?

Hi all,

Sorry about this question, but I’m very new to this topic. We currently installed a heat pump at home and I asked our electrician to install an energy meter to meter the power usage of that pump. Having that I would like to get an energy meter which can deliver data to my openhab server.

The electrician told me that he knows the ENERGYSENS-EScom module and he would like to use this for my setup. The datasheet told me, that the modbus (tcp/rtu) protocol is supported. But I’ve never done anything with that.

Openhab supports a modbus binding. Does anybody knows, if this works with the ENERGYSENS-EScom module? Or is modbus not as standard as each modul can be used with that binding? I can see in the binding docu, that it supports several “extensions” but don’t know what that means at the end.

Thanks in advance,

Modbus is a general protocol specification. In theory, and usually in practice, openHAB can talk to any Modbus compliant device.

But a word of warning, initial configuring for any given device is fiddly and technical. It becomes almost impossible if you cannot get hold of the detailed info for your target devices Modbus setup i.e. the manual.

Modbus is very simple-minded, e.g. we can configure something like
“Read a 32-bit value from register 1234, that represents voltage”
Without the manual there is no way to know we need 32-bit, not 16 or 8-bit; no way to know register 1234, no way to guess it means voltage.
It’s the finding out what you want that is difficult, not the configuring.