Mode design


i’m new here, and i’m french (sorry for that).

i use knx and jeedom for the visualisation, i want try openhab, but before i want to know if it’s possible to have my own design and not just a panels. today i have a plan of my housse and i touch it for switch on or off the light. befor ask you the question, i look for on google i see nothing (per haps with eclipse designer).

could you tell me if it’s possible and how.

thank you verry much to read my horrible english.


You can if you really feel you want to invest the work but given there’s at least 4 UI variants available (Basic UI, Classic Ui, HABpanel, Comet Visu) to choose from, this likely isn’t worth the effort. If you still want to invest time, you can control all of openhab directly through the Rest API as do those UIs, too.

Bonjour !

you can use a floorplan design in openhab .
have a look at this thread:

In theory you can design everything the way you like in habpanel with knowledge of angularjs. But i myself were really surprised, how much you can already archive with prebuilt solutions.

thank you for your answers.

i think floorplan is that i need, so i will try openhab with my raspberry.

have a good day