Model 1st Floor location vanished

hello, got an interesting bug to ask about.

I created a while back a location in the model called 1st Floor. it is part of location Inside. All Rooms on the first room are children of this 1st Floor location.

at some point in the upgrades the 1st floor location vanished. my bedroom location which is a Room still shows that it belongs to the 1st Floor location. when i click on the link to the direct parent group from the model it goes to a blank page.

To test this - I created another location called First Floor (incase it was the number causing the issue).
Now it works fine. First Floor which is a location in Inside now has the various rooms as children. unfortunately I cant delete the 1st floor location from it because it isnt there :slight_smile:

here are some pics to explain.

This is the json file that shows the items exists

this is the room that belongs to two Parent groups (i cant unselect the 1st floor one however as it doesnt exist in the list when i edit it.)

this is the model where 1st floor doesnt show

any ideas on why or how to get rid of 1st room? shall i just delete it from the json?

Release notes state that number in first position is not allowed any more.

Release notes also say how to remove it…

Item names must not start with a number. If you have such an item in your configuration you’ll see a message about this in the log. You have to remove it (and probably create a new one). If the item was created via UI (“managed item”), you can use the “API Explorer” (in the Main UI / “Developer Tools”) to remove it.

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hey guys ty very much. didnt imagine is was in release notes :slight_smile: ty for sharing the info/best practice

hello again. still trying to manage this.

i go to api explorer and items - search for 1st Floor but cant find the group item. it doesnt return something.

i guess if i manage to find the item (i have confirmed it is there via the json) the i can use the same query to delete it.

I also try to delete it in the text file/json file but access is denied and i guess this is probably correct.

is there any chance that group items dont get “found” by the item explorer?

ok for future reference. despite not being able to find in the REST API ITEM section of the DEV API section it seems if you Delete it it works :slight_smile:

(also tried stopping the openhab service and editing manually but I had some issues with permisions)

so future ref