Model: how move locations / change location hierarchy

Tried to look in the documentation, without luck.
So let’s say I have got a location, with its equipment and items.
I’d like to move this location below another location (make it a child). Is it possible? If not, can I at least move the equipment and its child items or I need to redo everything from scratch?

Yes, definitely. How did you define the Location - UI or configuration files?

In the UI, go to Items, find the Location that you want to turn into a child, click on it, then Edit top right, then you should have an option to select a Parent (or similar wording) which when clicked will bring up a list of eligible Locations.

In config files, just make the child Location Group Item a member of the parent Location Group Item by naming the Parent within brackets (as you would with any other member of a group).

On phone so can’t give proper examples at the moment, I’m afraid.


thank you… I kept looking in the model section of the UI where I defined the location and could not find anything.
Well If I’ll be allowed to, I’ll pay back with some How To addition to the doc
Thanks, really appreciate your fast and effective help :slight_smile:

Understandable, certainly!

It took me a while to get my head around the Semantic Model, but when it clicked that Locations, Equipment and Points where all just openHAB Items with extra bits of information for openHAB to use for classification, everything became a bit clearer!

Locations = Group Item
Equipment = Group Item
Point = Item (single)

Equipment can live in Locations.
Points can live in Equipment, and can also live in Locations by themselves.

This is probably stuff you know already, but it might be helpful for someone else who stumbles upon this!


I did not get that at all…
As a beginner, I read about the semantic model, and maybe I did not understand it, but having visual memory I remembered this image
Now that I reread it I see that they are defined as Group Items.
Just wish that chart for clarity had instead of “Location”"Location item"and so on.

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Do you have an idea how can we do that massively?
Or another way related to my concern can be to move existing equipements in location, but don’t find the trick too.

Thanks and enjoy :slight_smile:

You may be interested in this Thread. Look in particular at posts by rlkoshak .

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