Model -> non-semantic items not shown when state description metadata added

Dear community,
I have the following problem. I created my model and added all semantic items. Then I added some non-semantic groups and items. When I select model at the WebUI and then check the option to show non-semantic items everything is ok and they are displayed at the tree as long as I will not add the state description metadata to such non-semantic group item. After adding metadata (e.g. State description) item disappears from the tree.

Question is why? How to prevent such behavior. It is very convenient when the whole “logical” structure can be seen on tree. Otherwise such “hidden” items assigned to some parent groups can easily disappear among large numbers of other items.

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This is a known bug, Have a look in GitHub it is some where documentes as issue.

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Thank you. I will keep an eye on issue at GitHub.


@Wolfgang_S @Dibbler42 I have run into the same problem. There is no solution?

I am not aware of any solution. An issue is open in github ( see above link ) and as far as I understand as long as it is not closed the problem still exists.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I have looked at Github and it seems open, yes. We will be up to date to see if there is a solution.


Hello again,

For my specific case in which I wanted to incorporate the value unit in the widgets, I have found another way to do it without having to go through this bug.

My solution is inside a widget to fill the label field with an expression. I attach an example:

Greetings, I hope it helps someone.

Thank you for pointing this out.
I experienced the same thing today and just found your thread :slight_smile: