Modification of JuPnP waiting/holding timer?

I have been working on a long standing issue with the Sonos speakers going offline (see Too much time before a Sonos thing becomes definitively ONLINE). I believe I have found a way to “cleanly” reset the Sonos environment without completely restarting JuPnP. However, JuPnP currently has a default holding time of 10 minutes if it can not get a valid response on a query. For example:

2020-02-02 13:40:34.657 [DEBUG] [org.jupnp.transport.Router ] - Sending via TCP unicast stream: (OutgoingActionRequestMessage) POST http://REDACTED:1400/DeviceProperties/Control
2020-02-02 13:40:34.657 [DEBUG] [org.jupnp.transport.spi.StreamClient] - Will not attempt request because it failed in the last 600 seconds: (OutgoingActionRequestMessage) POST

Is there a way to reduce this timer from 600 seconds so that the system recovers faster? I can not find a configuration item that would accomplish this. Thanks!