Modified Addon does not load nor gives any errors (both on openhabian and eclipse launched)

I have modified the knx addon to support CEMI

See this issue thread (
and this PR (

Additionally I have managed to backport the calimero package (through an automated process with the help of a Google engineer) so any new calimero packages can be rebuilt for Java8 (I will create a github for the tooling)

However, now the time has come to test the damn thing but I cannot get anything out of openHAB. I can build the knx addon with the new calimero libs in eclipse, but when I put it in the addons folder on openhabian I get NOTHING in the logs, no errors no blink, nothing.

When I run app.bndrun in eclipse I also get absolutely nothing. In both cases openHAB runs fine, no issues with anything. Just no KNX addon and zero information.

What on earth is going on?

I guess your newly compiled calimero bundle is not an OSGi-bundle. We use wrapped versions for that. See the openhab-osgiify repo.

I have embedded the calimero jars in Eclipse and rebuilt the addon ( just like this one actually, which uses and old version of calimero)

My point is that I cannot see that openhab is loading the addon it is not listed in bundles:list there are no log entries with failed load of the addon. Just nothing? I would assume that if it cannot find dependencies it would fail somehow?

Just a quick update. Obviously I should have been specific on this being my first endeavor into addon building.

I followed the instructions from the docs in order to make a build system for quick editing addons. But it is hopeless.

I have spent 4 days with many many hours reading long threads discussing a broken buildsystem with no clear working setup.

I have a few questions, that extends beyond the bnd and maven technical problems.

  1. Would it be safe to say there are 2 maybe more levels of developers in the project?
  • Core developers perhaps with a subtype of ui devs
  • Addon devs
  1. Does the repos have to follow each other? Core snapshot vs addon snapshot?

  2. It seems the dev setup is very fragile, but if I just want to fix addon bugs or create a new addon why do i have to be on core and build tools snapshot?

When I look at the git commit history I see a lot that changes both build tools and core which would explain why things break from day to day (I have never gotten a working setup)

Perhaps seperating it a little more would give breathing room to the people who want to help on the addons (those who can help a little with limited skills) so there is not totally standstill?

Just a thought?

I have managed to setup a build service for the KNX addon that uses the latest calimero (KNX link) libraries:

Additionally I have just setup a build service for the KNX addon to use those libraries, that is available here:
Latest KNX with latest calimero build service

The direct link to the latest build artifacts is here: via devops

Hi @petero, I’ve been following your progress providing a working cEMI driver for OH2, and would like to try it out with my BAOS kBerry 838. Sadly, the DevOps and direct download links seem not to work.
Could you please take a look or send your latest build by other means for me to try it out?