Modify a label in sitemaps

(Francesco) #1

Hi to all
i have in sitemap file a switch

	Default item=No_Timer label="Disabilita Timer" icon="switch"

Is it possible to change the label of the switch “No_Timer” when the state change from ON to OFF?

If yes How?


(Thomas Bail) #2

You should be able to do this with a rule and within this rule you have to set the label. I typically combine this with a mapfile. So i set that labels for my movable wall plugs

NL_SS_Switch_01_State.setLabel(transform("MAP", "", NL_SS_Switch_01_Label.state.toString))

(Francesco) #3

can you show me an example please?


(Rossko57) #4

Changing the label of an Item in a rule will not work here, where you have specified a label in the sitemap as well.

There is no way to change the sitemap label, so perhaps you should leave that out and have it use the Item label instead.

A different way to do this is to use sitemap visibility to show and hide two alternate lines with different labels.


(Thomas Bail) #5

If have dons this with my gas station rules Please see here:

//  Thing: Internet item - Tankerkönig Petrol stations
Group NL_IN_PetrolStation "Tankstellen" <scene_gas_station> (gNL_Internet)
    DateTime    NL_IN_PetrolStation_LastUpdate "Letztes Update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]" <time_clock> (NL_IN_PetrolStation)
    // Prices
    Number      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Diesel01    "Nordoel (Uetersen) [%.3f €]"               <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Prices, gStandardTimeline) 
    Number      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Diesel02    "Nordoel (Elmshorn) [%.3f €]"               <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Prices, gStandardTimeline) 
    Number      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Diesel03    "HEM (Elmshorn) [%.3f €]"                   <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Prices, gStandardTimeline) 
    Number      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Diesel04    "Star (Elmshorn) [%.3f €]"                  <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Prices, gStandardTimeline) 
    Number      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Diesel05    "HEM (Wedel) [%.3f €]"                      <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Prices, gStandardTimeline) 
    Number      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Diesel06    "SB (Wedel) [%.3f €]"                       <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Prices, gStandardTimeline) 
    // open/closed status
    Contact     NL_IN_PetrolStation_Open01      "Nordoel (Uetersen) [MAP(]"  <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Open) 
    Contact     NL_IN_PetrolStation_Open02      "Nordoel (Elmshorn) [MAP(]"  <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Open)
    Contact     NL_IN_PetrolStation_Open03      "HEM (Elmshorn) [MAP(]"      <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Open) 
    Contact     NL_IN_PetrolStation_Open04      "Star (Elmshorn) [MAP(]"     <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Open) 
    Contact     NL_IN_PetrolStation_Open05      "HEM (Wedel) [MAP(]"         <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Open) 
    Contact     NL_IN_PetrolStation_Open06      "SB (Wedel) [MAP(]"          <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Open) 
    // Display items
    String      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display01   "Anzeige Tankstelle 01 [%s]"                <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Display)
    String      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display02   "Anzeige Tankstelle 02 [%s]"                <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Display)
    String      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display03   "Anzeige Tankstelle 03 [%s]"                <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Display)
    String      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display04   "Anzeige Tankstelle 04 [%s]"                <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Display)
    String      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display05   "Anzeige Tankstelle 05 [%s]"                <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Display)
    String      NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display06   "Anzeige Tankstelle 06 [%s]"                <scene_gas_station> (NL_IN_PetrolStation, gPetrolStation_Display)

and the rules

//  Items File: petrolstation.rules
//  All rules to process die pertrolstation data gathered from the Tankerkönig binding

//  Imports
import java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock
import java.util.Date

//  Global variables and constants
var ReentrantLock petrolLock = new ReentrantLock()

//  Rule: Process Update of Gasoline Prices
//  On update of gasoline prices sort them and set the labels of display items to sorted order
rule "Process Update of Gasoline Prices"
    Member of gPetrolStation_Prices received update

    try {

        val String ruleIdentifier = "userrule.ProcessUpdateOfGasolinePrices"

        var i = 1

        for (stationPrice : gPetrolStation_Prices.members.sortBy[ state as DecimalType ]) { // Another loop to overcome the "Final Variable" vs "Lambda" problem

            val String stationIdentifier =,'_'))
            val String stationNumber =,

            val ContactItem stationOpen = gPetrolStation_Open.members.filter[ k | == stationIdentifier+"_Open"+stationNumber ].head as ContactItem
            val String counter = String::format("%02d", i)
            val StringItem stationDisplay = gPetrolStation_Display.members.filter[ k | == stationIdentifier+"_Display"+counter ].head as StringItem

            stationDisplay.label = stationPrice.label
            if (stationOpen.state == OPEN) {

                if (i==1) {
                    stationDisplay.postUpdate(String::format("(%1$tR)  %2$.3f €", new Date(), (stationPrice.state as DecimalType).doubleValue()))
                } else {
                    stationDisplay.postUpdate(String::format("%.3f €", (stationPrice.state as DecimalType).doubleValue()))

            } else {
                stationDisplay.postUpdate(transform("MAP", "", stationOpen.state.toString))



        NL_IN_PetrolStation_LastUpdate.postUpdate(new DateTimeType())
        logInfo(ruleIdentifier, "Gasoline prices are updated and sorted! Initiator {},", triggeringItem.label)

    } finally {


and the sitemap part

       Frame label="Tankstellen" {

            Text item=NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display01
            Text item=NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display02
            Text item=NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display03
            Text item=NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display04
            Text item=NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display05
            Text item=NL_IN_PetrolStation_Display06


The idea ist to sort the item in a dynamic manner so that the cheapest station is shown first. and it works.