Modify Charts Widget


can somebody point me to informations how to customize the chart widget? i’d like to change the type of chart to bar chart …

thanks in advance


There is no option to change the appearance of the chart widget (other than setting period, begin and/or end), so if you want another sort of chart, you will have to use grafana or another solution (in combination with image or webview Widget.

See InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing for a very detailed description.

may i copy the chart widget code and modify by myself ?

openHAB as well as Eclipse Smarthome is Open Source, so you are free to change things for yourself.

But to be honest, I doubt that it’s as easy as to set up Grafana and influxDB :wink:

Hello Udo, thank you for your sustained support.

It is really a fact that OPENhab offers no way to display viable charts. ?

What about HABmin chart editor. Shouldn’t that be appropriate? (but is not running at the moment)

As far as I’ve seen, should Grafana also work with mysql or not?

HABmin is essentially incomplete abandonware.

Sitemap based UIs offer a simple chart widget for e.g plotting temperature or activity.

Please see my answer in the german forum :wink: