Modify Charts Widget

(Lars Bretschneider) #1


can somebody point me to informations how to customize the chart widget? i’d like to change the type of chart to bar chart …

thanks in advance


(Udo Hartmann) #2

There is no option to change the appearance of the chart widget (other than setting period, begin and/or end), so if you want another sort of chart, you will have to use grafana or another solution (in combination with image or webview Widget.

See InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing for a very detailed description.

(Lars Bretschneider) #3

may i copy the chart widget code and modify by myself ?

(Udo Hartmann) #4

openHAB as well as Eclipse Smarthome is Open Source, so you are free to change things for yourself.

But to be honest, I doubt that it’s as easy as to set up Grafana and influxDB :wink: