Modify variables in sitemap

I am sure this has been discussed before but I cannot seem to find any reference

So i have configured in my rules several thresholds above which some actions get triggered.
If I want to modify those thresholds I need to go to the respective rules
ie monitoring the humidity difference and start a fan

Is there any way I can do this easily from a sitemap ? I am just looking for an easy way so that even my wife can do it

They say it’s the technology holding back Home automation, but actually it’s the WAF :slight_smile:

Basically you need an item holding the threshold that you can use in your rules, and who’s value can be set via a sitemap. Best way would be a setpoint
Here an example:

Number MIN_HUMIDITY    "Minimum Humidity [%s]"
rule "check humidity"
      Item Humidity_sensor changed
       MinHum =(MIN_HUMIDITY.state as Number).intValue
      if (Humidity_sensor.state<MinHum){
         //do something to raise stop fan

//in sitemap:
Setpoint item=MIN_HUMIDITY    minValue=10 maxValue=100 step=10

That should give you the basic idea.
If you have many thresholds, you might want to use groups to simplify your rules.


Many thanks Oli. I was missing the setpoint part of the sitemap. I have made a quick test and it works just fine.

Never underestimate the power of wifes. They drive home automation systems to their limits :slight_smile: