"Modular" Sitemap?

With some openHAB “components”, one can devise a scheme for how to segment those components. For example, you can have all items for each room in a separate file. Or all types of devices (switches, plugs, lights, etc.) in separate files. Similarly for things, rules, etc. Except for Sitemaps.

My “admin” Sitemap is gradually becoming “unruly” to maintain or modify. As I add more controls and functions, the file has grown and grown. I know that one can have multiple Sitemap files, but this requires a user to “manually” select the desired Sitemap. Is there a way to “include” Sitemap “definition” files into a single master Sitemap?

I know that there is a school of thought that a Sitemap is not needed or ought not to be used in everyday operation of a home’s automation environment. I could make the case that some things require a human decision (desired temperature or fan speed) or no amount of sensors and “intelligence” can avoid triggering for the wrong reason (e.g., my dog walks in the room - I haven’t implemented my AI computer vision yet :wink: ) Nevertheless, I want a master interface where I can control things if I need to for any reason. I would never ask my wife or guests to use it. Thus, I want to be able to modularize the Sitemap file to make it easier on me to maintain.


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I second this request!

Unfortunately not. Some people have written scripts that take a bunch of parts of sitemap files and merges them into the one big unruly one, but no one has taken on the task of writing something built into OH. I think there has been an Issue open on that for awhile though I could be wrong.

The Group element can partially address this though not completely given the limitations of the using the Group element (i.e. you only get the default and cannot modify the icon, labels, order, or what element is used to display the Group’s members).

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Is there a feature like this in the meantime since then ?

Nope. Sitemap structure is not likely to change in the lifetime of openHAB-2.