Momit Openhab Integration

Greeting to everyone I’m a new user and I’m interested for a new service that I’d like to see in Openhab but unfortunately don’t know if its possible to be done I have a thermostat that has an app to be controlled both in IOS and Android but no IFTTT integration some might know of this others don’t, it’s a smart thermostat called Momit ( not the best option if you love IFTTT, but it’s cheap and was one of the first in Europe in home automation systems in its category) all I’m asking is would it be possible to cooperate with OPENHAB? Through an add on or other ways, since it uses a hub to communicate with its ecosystem I think it uses zigbee hope someone could help with this cause I’d really want OPENHAB to work with Momit home devices

If it’s a zigbee device it may be possible to use the zigbee binding. But you’ll have to make sure first that it IS a zigbee device or you’ll be wasting your time and money

There is no momit binding at the present time.