I was just about to write some thoughts about how I can fix bugs or improve features/bindings… with money instead of talent :slight_smile:
Then I found Support openHAB: (Contribute | openHAB)
I am using OH since years, but I never saw this. I now joined those few souls there and want to raise awareness.

Just to be clear though, contributing to the openHAB Foundation, while very helpful and appreciated, does not actually do anything to help fix bugs or improve features and bindings. Contributions go to pay for the service, hosting for this forum and some of the build tools, and communications/marketing to get the word our about openHAB. It does not (and in fact can not due to how the openHAB Foundation is incorporated in Germany) pay for developers, development or anything like that.


Thanks for the clarification - I did think that improvements can be awared with this money.
Is there anything like that, I mean to support building request/bugfixes with money?

You did post two links in your OP.
Rich was referring to the openHAB foundation.
Using Bountysource you can award code fixes etc…

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