Monitor energy consumption - sonoff pow

hi there,
i’m francesco from italy and i have some questions for us if you could help me…
Well, i bought a new house and i wanna start to integrate all things i have with openhab.
First of all my goal is to monitor energy consumption on every wall socket in my house. i read about sonoff pow, mmm… i see but do i need to integrate in the wall? how do you do it?
With sonoff pow i can control on and off too?
I have already installed openhab on a rapsby pi 3 so I can try after to connect sonoff pow
what do you suggest to do? Not only for monitor consuption…I have seen sonoff wall switch too… what do you think? which is the best to choose?

Really sorry for dumb / stupid questions but it’s the first time for me…

Best regards,


Hey Francesco!
May I ask first if you already read the forum articles about Sonoff-Tasmota and the “Washing Machine State Machine”? Most of what you’ve asked is already addressed there.

Hi Thom, thanks for your help.
Yes, i already read all documentations you talking about.
My question is this one…
I bought a new house. House already have a traditional electrical systems (Europe - Italy).
what do I need to turn it into a smart home? Consider that I would like to keep possibility to switch on off both with the button and with the wifi.
I would also like to turn all the sockets into smart sockets, without plugin… but in the wall for aesthetic needs.
Could you help me please to choose the right products?

I wish the SonOff binding will come without the need of flashing the firmware.

The ewelink app is pretty good, as is the integration wqith Alexa and GH, I really do not want to mess up with hardware/firmware updates

fibaro or aeotec zwave micro dimmer