Monitor for visualization

Hi guys,

i am running OH 2.4 with habpanel.

Now i want to make a habpanel visualization with a monitor at my entrance.
What is the best hardware?

I need a monitor with a webinterface, Wlan, Touchscreen, low Power use and low Price.

The easiest way would be a tablet, but the screen is not very big.
Does anyone have a recommendation Hardware for a suitable habpanel visualization?

Best regards


That is your problem

I got a refurbished Fire HD10 Tablet on the last CyberMonday Sale.

I think 10 inch should be enough and i payed only 80€

ok, how much would be your recommended Hardware?

There are 14" Tablets for under 300€ which would be ok for me.
But i don´t know if that is the best way, or there are better ways.

i want to pay maximum 300€.
thats what i mean with “low Price”.

hope that is the same low Price as you mean, or is that much to low? :disappointed_relieved: