Monitor HUE Motion Sensors - Not Reachable

I’m running OH 3.2 and the HUE 3.2 binding version. I have over 35+ Hue indoor motion sensors setup in the house on 2 bridges.

Every once and while, the HUE motion sensor is unreachable from the HUE app which means I’m not getting the trigger alerts to OH.

The way I fix it is manual by holding the reset button down on the HUE motion sensor and then re-adding it via the HUE app which it doesn’t really re-add it, it just re-initializes the connection to it.

Has anybody wrote a DSL script to monitor HUE motion sensors falling off the bridge that you wouldn’t mind sharing? I’d like to be more pro-active on this situation vs. reactive.

Best, Jay

You could create a rule triggered by thing status change, if the corresponding thing is also going offline.

The HUE motion things don’t go offline when this happens. I’m guessing the monitoring would need to be done at the JSON level looking at heartbeat/checkin time stamps.

Best, Jay